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The compact Dodge Dart (based on the Chrysler A-body) was produced from 1963 to 1976, although there were larger Dodge Darts built prior to 1963. Approximately 3.7 million compact Darts were sold, and the car rapidly gained a fine reputation for durability and longevity. Dodge Darts were sold and driven all over the world, and country-specific versions of the Dart were sold in Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, and Australia, among others. Body styles were varied, including two- and four-door sedans, two-door hardtops, two-door fastbacks (the Demons and Dart Sports), and convertibles. Even a station wagon was produced from 1963 to 1966. Engine choice was broad as well, ranging from the fabled slant-six to some very powerful V8 engines, which could move the relatively small Dodge Dart with alacrity. Three- and four-speed manual transmissions were available, but the most popular transmission was the three-speed automatic Torqueflite. See Valiant Varieties (non-local) for additional historical information on the Dart and Valiant.


How Bill & Marianne Got A 1974 Dodge Dart

Howell and Haggard's hilarious true epic tale of a surprise gift for newlyweds

My First e-Bay Purchase

A chance e-Bay encounter leads to a 700-mile road trip in a newly-purchased 34-year-old car

1963 - 1966 Darts: The Little Imperials from Dodge

Dave Duricy's informative article about the first-generation A-body Darts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to some common questions asked by visitors to this page

Dodge Dart Interactive (1963-1976 U.S. Darts)


More than fifty Dodge Dart stories written by visitors to this page

Owner-Submitted Photographs

Pictures of nearly every year and body style of Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart Poetry and Art

A collection of literary and visual odes to the Dodge Dart

Special-Interest Original Dodge Darts

Photographs showing low-mileage original cars in detail

Dodge Dart Interactive (Other Darts)

The Pre-1963 Dodge Dart Page

A separate section devoted to these full and intermediate size Darts

Dodge Dart Variants Outside the United States

Visitor-submitted information on Darts in Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, and Australia

Dodge Dart History & Reference Library (1960-1976)

Advertisements and Brochures

Original Dodge promotional materials

Dodge Dart Press Releases

Seventeen years of detailed Dart-related information from the manufacturer

Dodge Dart Engines

A table of engine availability and output by year

Dodge Dart Sales Figures

Sales broken down by trim level

Dodge Dart Resources

Dodge Dart Classified Ads

The place to buy and sell (now with parts ads)

Dodge Dart Parts Vendors

Know of a good vendor for Dodge Dart parts? Add it to the list!

Dodge Dart Repair Shops

Find or suggest a good Dodge Dart mechanic

Links to Other Sites

A Gallery of Goldilocks

My 1974 Dodge Dart Custom (for slower connections, click here for a single picture)

Dodge Dart Links

A list of both general and specific Dodge Dart websites

The Newhouse Automotive Page

A list of general automotive websites (not specific to Dodge Darts)


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